Wire Crochet Earring Care

Caring for your wire crochet earring

Even though our wire crochet earrings do not use sterling silver or real gemstones, we still use the highest quality materials possible.

The copper wire is permanently colored and, unless the coating is scratched or forcefully removed, it will not fade or tarnish. Since we use glass, wood or metal beads they will not fade like plastic.

How to fix wire crochet earrings bent out of shape

The wire teardrops can simply be pulled or pushed back into shape. This can be done with the wire wreaths and bugle bead wire wreaths as well.

If a wire spiral is crushed or bent, tightly wrap it around a pen, pencil, crochet hook or dowel rod included with the earring and it will regain its shape.

For the wire hoops and wire hoops with beads or shells, put both of your index fingers in the middle of the hoop and spin your fingers around each other. This will bend the hoop back into shape. The same technique can work with the wire wreaths and bugle bead wreaths as well.