Wire Bracelets

Welcome to our selection of bracelets made with metal wire. All our bracelets fall into two categories: wire crochet bracelets and viking knit bracelets.
Our wire crochet bracelets are made the same way as our earrings and necklaces — the wire is crocheted around the beads with a very small hook. The wire is a permanently colored copper wire that has plenty of flex with the extra benefit of being extremely light. All our wire crochet bracelets comes with toggle clasps so they are easy to put on and take off.

Our viking knit bracelets will be coming soon. Viking knitting is a brand-new skill we are working on perfecting as much as possible. The knitting is actually a form of wire wrapping that creates small, intricate patters that resemble some forms of chainmail. Once our viking knit bracelets are ready, we will post them here.