Silver Pinch Bead Single Mesh Bracelet

1.00 Ounces
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Made for those who prefer something smaller, our single wire crochet mesh bracelet us a great example of what wire crochet can do.

As the name implies, the single wire crochet mesh bracelet is a smaller version of standard mesh bracelet. It’s half the width of the standard bracelet, which gives each piece a svelte look. Smaller beads nestle inside the wire, meaning the bracelet does not appear as bulky.

This single wire crochet mesh bracelet is made with bright silver colored wire. Hand crocheted into the wire are glass silver pinch beads.

The single wire crochet mesh bracelet goes with our other wire crochet mesh jewelry and is a perfect compliment. They are incredibly lightweight and come with a strong magnetic clasp. They are approximately 7.25 inches long from the end of one clasp to the other.

The length of each bracelet can vary slightly, as all our pieces are handmade. If 8 inches is too large, or too small, please take a measurement of your wrist and email us at to request a bracelet with the correct size. We have often done custom wire crochet mesh bracelets and each customer has been very pleased with the result.