Spring Shows Will Bloom at the May Market at Rose Lawn

Posted by Jason Lowrey on 4th May 2016

As spring goes into full bloom we’ve been getting ready for our next show: the May Market at Rose Lawn.

Held this Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and noon to 5 p.m., respectively, the event is held on the grounds of the Rose Lawn Museum. The museum, located at 224 W. Cherokee Avenue, Cartersville, is the home of the Rev. Sam P. Jones, who was an evangelist in the 19th Century. The museum has approximately 2 acres of grounds surrounding it and that is where the show is held.

Admission to the May Market is free, as is parking at the Cartersville Public Library and Frank Moore Administration and Judicial Center, which serve as the primary parking lots for the event. The only real fee is the $5 they charge for tours of the home itself. Given Rose Lawn’s history and extensive preservation, the tour can be quite the treat.

This will mark the third year Hoot Owl Creations has been at the May Market, and we’ve been there since the beginning. Back in 2014 the organizers of the Arts Festival at Rose Lawn, the fall event, decided to expand by adding a spring show.

The very first May Market was a one-day show and it went so well the organizers expanded it to include the entire weekend. We were happy to hear that, as the May Market was one of our best spring shows in 2014 and it was last year as well, which is why we’re looking forward to this weekend.

We’ve been busy since January making new pieces and buying a few new beads and pendants. By far our most popular additions have been the floral Czech glass seed bead necklaces we’ve come up with. Hoot Owl Creations has been at three shows so far this year and we have sold a necklace at each of them. I can understand why, as the beads are beautiful pieces of handcrafted work, and we knocked it out of the park with our perfectly matching bead mixes. The only real problem is we have exactly two strands of these beads and the Czech company isn’t going to make anymore like this; they work only in limited runs. 

We've also been working animal themed Czech beads. This one has a swallow set into the center and set off with a copper finish. It's a beautiful color combination that was a pleasure to work with.

Such is life.

We’ve started focusing on incorporating brighter beads for spring, and reaction seems to be positive so far. At Sandy Springs we sold a number of silver bracelets with seafoam, mint, pink, and purple beads, along with a couple that had bright wire as well. In the same vein we have similarly bright earrings as well — including some magatamas — that we just purchased and have been working with over the past week. We’re excited to debut them this weekend!

Now this weekend is Mother’s Day and we’re not sure how it will affect turnout this year. While many families could go out for a nice lunch after church, or stay home to give mom the recognition she deserves, we hope quite a few will want to take in the good weather this weekend and check out some eye-catching, distinctive art pieces at Rose Lawn.

If you’re in just such a move, please visit our booth. We’d love to see you.

Thanks for stopping by.