Hoot Owl Creations returns to Rome Spring Art Market

Posted by Jason Lowrey on 29th Mar 2016

Hoot Owl Creations is moving right along to our second show of the year: the Rome Spring Art Market.

Held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Spring Art Market gives artists and crafters from the Rome community a chance to emerge from winter and display their works. As with all art markets, it’s held at the Rome Civic Center at 400 Civic Center Drive and organized by the Last Stop Gift Shop.

What’s exciting about the 2016 Spring Art Market is it’s the first one we’ve done in three years. The Spring Art Market was held on Fridays and Saturdays prior to this and it never worked out with the schedules for our day jobs. It was always a big regret for us, as we enjoyed the first Spring Art Market we took part in. This was after our very first arts and crafts show, so the spring event was where we really got things going for the business.

It’s always interesting to look back on that first year or so when we were displaying earrings that numbered somewhere between 50 and 100 on handmade boards stuffed with cotton batting. We had about seven or eight small boards that fit on the tables and one larger one the size of a bulletin board. (I say this because it was a bulletin board covered in cotton batting and fabric.) We would set these up, sit behind the tables, and make our sales. It’s unfortunate I don’t have any photos from this period, but we weren’t thinking about how Hoot Owl Creations was a business at that point. Our jewelry was still a hobby, a way to make some extra money and keep ourselves occupied at the same time.

My how distant all that seems. Last year we did the math and figured we had somewhere between 550 and 600 earrings just on our boards. That number doesn’t account for all the matching earrings we have for necklaces, the necklaces themselves, or the bracelets we have.

Our stock, our styles, our collection of beads and wire have all grown over the years. Our technique has improved immeasurably and we’re creating some truly beautiful pieces now. 

These necklaces, and their sets, were made specifically for this spring. All the pendants are Czech glass beads and we created bead mixes to match them. 

We bought five bags of lentil beads during the winter and these space blue ones were among them. They're absolutely gorgeous and we can't wait to show them off.

Being able to display this new work is why we’re so excited for our spring shows. All through the winter we sat in our home and crafted these earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It’s time for people to be able to enjoy them.

We hope to see you at the Spring Art Market this year. It’ll be good to return, and it’s always wonderful to see what the other artists have created.

Thanks for stopping by.