Brown Picasso Magatama Necklace

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Brown Picasso Magatama Necklace
We loved our magatama beads so much we came up with a necklace for them. Each magatama necklace is made with a small-gauge wire that is hand-crocheted into delicate design. It is easily the most intricate wire crochet work we have ever done, and the results are exquisite.

This wire crochet magatama necklace is made with a bronze wire crocheted into a thin necklace. Crocheted into the design are clusters of brown magatama beads with a spotted picasso finish. Magatama beads are made of glass and are from Japan. Each bead comes to a gentle point at the end, which gives our pieces a very distinct style.

All our necklaces ship with links of chain for the clasps so that they are adjustable. As they are handmade, each necklace is of a slightly different length. If you have any questions about sizing, please email us at before placing an order.