About Us

About Us

Hoot Owl Creations LLC is a family business. My mother, Jane, and I have been crafting wire crochet jewelry since we started Hoot Owl Creations in the fall of 2011.

All our wire crochet jewelry is my mother’s own design. For six months she worked with the wire to find out what it could do and what it couldn’t do, and not a single book or pattern was involved. Every piece on this website is one of her creations.

The results of her hard work are pieces of wire crochet jewelry that are incredibly lightweight. Everything — from the largest hoop earrings to the mesh choker necklaces — are light and easy to wear. The earrings don’t pull on earlobes and the necklaces don’t press down on the skin. The wire crochet itself is different than anything seen in a book: it’s tight, clean and orderly in its stitches. In fact, many of the mesh bracelets have a fabric-like feel and suppleness to them thanks to the type of wire used.

We began selling our wire crochet jewelry in the winter of 2011, at the Rome Art Market in Rome, Ga. Our booth was a simple affair, with a single table, basic tablecloth and a small Christmas tree we used for a display. Now when we visit shows throughout Northwest Georgia we bring a 10-foot tent, three tables, multiple handmade and store-bought displays and enough wire crochet jewelry to fill two totes. Hoot Owl Creations, which started off as a way to help pay bills, has taken on a life of its own, and we are glad for it. What we have displayed on this website is only a portion of what is available in the booth when we visit arts and crafts shows, so we welcome you to visit our shows whenever possible. A schedule of our shows for the year is available on our blog.

Jane Lowrey is the creative force behind Hoot Owl Creations LLC. She does all the wire crochet work, taking spools of the permanently colored wire and turning it into beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She picks out the wire colors and beads herself before going to work with a variety of crochet hooks — some of which are her second or third since the wire wears them out. All the beads, pendants, focals and chips she uses are glass, metal, wood or actual gemstones. She refuses to use any plastic whatsoever.

When not wire crocheting every night, which she says relaxes her, my mother is the sales manager at Grace Manufacturing, a company specializing in wrought iron furniture.

I am Jason Lowrey, the other half of production at Hoot Owl Creations LLC. When my mother finishes a piece she hands it off to me. My responsibilities are to finish it off by adding the necessary clips, earwires and clasps to any earring, necklace or bracelet. I also maintain this website, shoot all necessary photos and update our blog. Although I will join in on selecting wire and bead combos, and sometimes picking out the beads myself, my mother is definitely the designer here.

When not assembling wire crochet jewelry, I am a data entry analyst for Professional Screening & Information in Rome, Ga.

We operate Hoot Owl Creations LLC out of Silver Creek, Ga, a small community in the northwest part of the state. At this time we do not have a retail storefront, but we are working to make that a reality.

If you want to keep up with our show schedule, see what we’re up to or keep an eye out for our new products, follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest or our blog. My mom is always finding something new to turn into earrings or a necklace, so you won’t see the same thing twice.

We welcome custom orders and are always happy to talk to customers. Feel free to email us at hootowlcreations4668@gmail.com or contact us through social media. You can also reach us at 706-802-9901 if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by.

Jason Lowrey